• Need a short-term loan in a hurry? We’ll loan you cash in hand for nearly any item of value! Jewelry, electronics, tools, guns, musical instruments and equipment, and more! Just bring the item that you would like to use as collateral to any of our ten locations Valley-wide and one of our friendly associates will be happy to appraise your item and get you the money you need now!

    No charge for late payment.

    There is no obligation to repay the loan, however, the loan must be extended, renewed, or paid in full on or before the last day of grace to prevent loss of goods.

    Interest rates are set by the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner and can be found here:
    Any open pawn transaction may be renewed by payment of pawn service charges accrued to the date of renewal or may be extended, unless the pawn ticket provides that the pawn transaction is not eligible for renewal or extension.

    All information regarding the laws under which Amigo Pawn & Jewelry operates can be found at the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner Website: